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Doing Business in Mauritius
Mauritius in Figures (2013)
Capital Port Louis
Population 1,259,838 consisting of people of Indian, Chinese, European, African and mixed origin
Workforce 578,700
Main Language English (official language), French and Mauritian Creole
Time Zone GMT +4 hours
GDP MUR 366 billion
Real GDP Growth rate 3.20 %
GDP/Capita MUR 282,671
GDP breakdown Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing 3.3%
Manufacturing 16.9%
Construction 5.5%
Wholesale and Retail trade 11.3%
Real Estate Activities 5.6%
Accommodation and Food Service activities 6.1%
Financial and Insurance activities 10.1%
Transport and Storage 5.8%
Information and Communication 4.4%
Education, Health and Social Work 9.1%
Public Administration and Defence 6.6%
Others 15.3%
Merchandise Exports
- Main Partners
UK (16.6%), France (11.9%), US (10.1%), Italy (9.0%), South Africa (8.4%)
Merchandise Imports
- Main Partners
India (24.2%), China (14.7%), France (8.1%), South Africa (6.2%), Spain (4.0%)
Source: Statistics Mauritius

Over the past 30 years, Mauritius has evolved from a mono-crop sugar-dominated economy to a sophisticated and diversified services oriented one. The tertiary sector currently accounts for more than 70% of GDP. While traditional growth sectors like tourism and manufacturing continue to be strong, many other opportunities have arisen in emerging sectors with the potential to become tomorrow's economic pillars. This rapid transition to a mature economy, one to have graduated to middle-income status, comes as a promising result of sound economic management coupled with a vision to succeed shared between the government, the business community and civil society at large.

Mauritius has a unique business friendly environment along with a healthy investment climate that makes it an attractive investment destination. The investor can now set up his business within three working days. Investors and professionals benefit from a hassle-free environment where income and corporate tax are harmonized at only 15%.

Under the Companies Act, businesses can be in the following forms: under a self-employed activity, as a partnership with Mauritian nationals or a 100% foreign owned company under the Companies Act. The Registrar of Companies is the authority with which any business must register before starting operations. A unique business registration number and registration card is delivered within 3 days.

Mauritius offers business opportunities in the following sectors:

  1. Agro-industries
  2. Financial Services
  3. Healthcare and Medical Travel
  4. Hospitality and Property Development
  5. Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing
  6. Logistics and Distribution Services
  7. Manufacturing and Light Engineering
  8. Renewable Energies and Environment
  9. Seafood and Aquaculture

10 good reasons to do business in Mauritius

  1. Corporate and income tax of 15%
  2. Tax free dividends
  3. No capital gains tax
  4. Up to 100% foreign ownership
  5. Exemption from customs duty on equipment
  6. Free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital
  7. No minimum foreign capital required
  8. 50% annual allowance on declining balance for the purchase of electronic and computer equipment
  9. Double Tax Avoidance Agreements with 34 countries.
  10. Business operating costs remain affordable compared to other emerging business centres of the world.

10 good reasons to invest in Mauritius

  1. Social and political stability
  2. A strong and diversified economy
  3. An educated and bilingual workforce
  4. A pool of skilled and qualified professionals
  5. A business friendly environment
  6. Preferential access to international markets
  7. A modern and reliable infrastructure
  8. A comprehensive and forward looking legal framework
  9. A growing international business and financial hub
  10. A safe and enjoyable place to work and live

For more information, you may visit the website of Board of Investment

Doing Business in Mauritius | SBM

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