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SBM Scholarship Scheme

Feedback from Beneficiaries


During the various editions, some of our beneficiaries were quoted saying:

«In 2010, I was struck by financial constraints and it was at that time that SBM launched the first edition of the scholarship scheme for bright and needy students. After the application process, I was among one of the 57 recipients of the scholarship. My efforts were rekindled because I knew that my well-wishers were investing a lot to shape my future. After 3 years of hard work, I graduated in October 2013 with a Degree of Bachelors of Arts from the University of Mauritius in English with First class Honours.
I want to extend my gratitude to all those who came up with this initiative and for the unflinching financial support I got from SBM. I would highly advise students to apply for this scholarship because it is carefully crafted to help them to unleash their potential and achieve their educational goals.
My interest in teaching started when I was in college and the SBM scholarship has allowed me to fulfil that dream. Today, I am a proud English educator at Modern College, Central Flacq where I am working with adolescents, teaching General Paper, Literature in English and other components of the English language. Now that my dream as an English educator has been realised, I want to make a difference in the lives of my students.

Thank you SBM for helping put a Degree within my reach.

Mushiirah Bibi Persand - (Grand Gaube) - July 2015

«First and foremost I have great honour to convey big thanks to SBM for where I stand today. Being an employee at SBM since 3 years, I am grateful to the Management of SBM for choosing me as a potential element for the SBM Scholarship. May I rewind 5 years back when I possessed intellectual resources but not the required financial resources. SBM provided me with a scholarship and I successfully completed my BSc Honours in Management. Indeed, the scholarship has been a great support and motivation for my tertiary education.
SBM has been here since years to provide financial aid to bright and needy students. All parents and students must be certainly proud of such financial institution whereby Education is being encouraged through financial support.
Again thanks to the Management team of SBM for promoting such a Corporate Social Responsibility project where they are empowering the rising stars of the future generation.

Thank you for allowing me to share my precious experience with you today.

Viraj Seethiah - (Quartier Militaire) - July 2015

«Je suis Yonella Latouche, étudiante en « Hospitality Management » à l'école hôtelière et je suis actuellement en 3ème année d'étude. Ce scholarship m'a poussée à donner le maximum pour mes études qui demande beaucoup d'effort surtout maintenant que je suis en stage en entreprise. Ceci a été un grand soulagement pour mes parents surtout sur le plan financier. J'encourage d'autres jeunes à tenter leur chance.»

Yonella Latouche - (St Paul) - July 2015

«I am indeed very grateful that I was awarded the SBM Scholarship Award in 2010 . As a financial support, it has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal without any financial concern to worry about. This has further motivated me to excel in my tertiary studies at the University of Mauritius and finally I graduated with a First Class with Honors Degree in Chemical and Environmental engineering. I am presently employed as a Training Coordinator at Team Synthesis. I wish to heartily thank the SBM team for recognising the importance of education.»

Youvina Agarsing - (Mahebourg) - July 2014

«Je tiens à remercier la SBM Education Fund d'avoir financé mes trois années d'études l'Université de Maurice. C'est une très bonne initiative de la part de la SBM de financer les études des personnes dont leur famille n'ont pas les moyen de financement. Grâce à cela, j'ai pu terminer mes trois années d'études et à la clé, obtenir une License en Agriculture, qui me permettra à la longue de pouvoir espérer trouver un très bon emploi dans mon domaine respectif. Je travaille actuellement à Prince Tuna comme technicien de Laboratoire.»

Joey Mitchell Van Schellebeck - (Roche Bois) - July 2014

«All parents strive to give their child what they did not get and achieve what they have not been able to. Not only SBM has provided me with the necessary funds to pay my University fees but has also given me the opportunity to work for their respected institution and start my career path. I will be forever grateful to SBM for making so many dreams come true.»

Yovish Jahul - (St Paul) - July 2014

«For the numerous students around the country who feel hopeless at the thought of not being able to afford higher education, I would like to let them know that financial matters can no longer hold them back. This unique SBM Scholarship Scheme is here to help students realise their dreams to pursue further studies so that they may aspire to a brighter future. I therefore highly encourage them to apply for this scholarship.»

Medha Hareeram (Goodlands) - July 2013

«Grâce à cette bourse d'études, je n'ai eu à me soucier d'aucun problème financier pendant ces derniers 3 ans. Je souhaite exprimer ma profonde gratitude à la SBM qui m'a permis de poursuivre des études supérieures en m'offrant cette bourse d'études. C'est grâce à la SBM que je vais être diplômée en octobre et je serais éternellement reconnaissante à toutes ces personnes qui sont derrière ce programme. Je souhaite profiter de cette occasion pour faire un appel à d'autres étudiants, surtout ceux de mon île natale, l'île Rodrigues, pour profiter de cette opportunité unique qu'offre la SBM pour nous aider à aspirer à un avenir meilleur.»

Marie Ojanette Begue (Rodrigues) - July 2013

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