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SBM Internet Banking - Client Charter

At SBM, we are committed to offering a high level of security and quality of Internet Banking services to our customers. Our policies relate to all matters of Internet Banking services developed in compliance with the relevant regulatory bodies.

We shall be able to deliver our financial services more effectively in terms of speed, reliability and quality through our Internet Banking services.

Safe and Secure Transactions

SBM is committed to protect the security of operations of Internet Banking. Stringent policies and procedures are in place to ensure that the security infrastructure of our Internet Banking services meet or surpass current industry standards. We use appropriate security measures to ensure that you use our Internet Banking services securely and safely. These measures are continuously being monitored and reviewed in our endeavour to benefit from the latest security technologies available.

Reliable and Quality Service

We are committed to maintain customers’ best interest at all times. We have developed the right functions to bring value and convenience to you. The design is user friendly and follows normal flows and standard use of terminologies in line with customers' Internet Banking experience. The systems and technology we invested in are designed to be as robust and reliable as possible with adequate backups in the event certain components fail. All staff involved in providing Internet Banking services have been trained on the necessary skills.

Privacy and Confidentiality of Your Data

We respect every customer’s right of privacy and security of information. We assure you that your data will not be used for any unauthorised, unlawful, unethical manner or in any way detrimental to you. Your data will not be divulged in any manner to unauthorised parties unless specifically permitted or authorised by you. We are well aware of our customer's online privacy concerns and as such, adopt responsible privacy standards to provide our customers with privacy protections in the online environment.

Transparency of Products and Services

We ensure that that all information, terms and conditions relating to our products and services offered are accurate and not misleading. It is our policy that our customers are always given the option of not accepting any products and services or to opt out at any time you choose. We also ensure that any disclosure of our products and services is fair and accurate.

Prompt Response for Enquiries and Complaints

We strive to maintain the highest level of services and welcome feedback which will help us identify weaknesses in the services that we provide. In an effort to address any concern or answer any questions our customers may have, we endeavour to ensure that we have trained staff to provide a prompt and satisfactory response.

You can email us your feedback on Email - Corporate

SBM Internet Banking - Client Charter | SBM

HOTLINE : 207 0111 / 202 1500 [FROM 08:00 TO 18:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY]

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