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Nowadays, merchants seek better ways to grow their business and improve efficiency. Similarly, consumers are eager to try new tools that make their life simpler. In that context the Bank launched 'MOOV by SBM', a payment solution which is, an mPOS device attached to a smart device (smartphone/tablet) which makes use of state-of-the-art technology for providing card payments.

MOOV solution represents an exciting opportunity to streamline payments, redefine the way merchants operate and improve cardholder's experiences. It's the first EMV 'CHIP & PIN & Magstripe'-certified mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution in Mauritius that turns your smart device into a POS device. This means customers can now pay with their cards conveniently, securely and instantly anytime, anywhere.

This cost-effective solution will allow small businesses to accept cards where previously they had to rely on cash or payment collections.

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  • Provide extra convenience for not carrying cash to do purchases
  • Helps in terms of maintaining records of the transaction
  • Tracking becomes easier for cardholders
  • Acceptance of all major credit, debit and prepaid cards (VISA/MASTERCARD/UPI)
  • Funds credited automatically to bank
  • Eco-friendly with Electronic receipt

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  • Considered as a safer payment mode than cash
  • Card transactions operates with a PIN and cannot be used by any third party

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  • With the presence of electronic medium such as POS and MOOV, card payment is easier and more accessible
  • Enable micro segment merchant to provide card acceptance facility

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  • How does MOOV work?

    It works in a similar way to a normal POS terminal. Simply plug in the card reader into your mobile device or pair both via Bluetooth and initiate the following:
    1. Launch the MOOV app (which can be downloaded from Appstore or Google Play Store)
    2. Key in the payment amount,
    3. To confirm the transaction, insert or swipe your customer's card and then get the customer to either key in his/her PIN on the card reader or ask to sign on the smart device.
    4. You can send an e-receipt via SMS/email.

      You also need to have an internet connection (WI-FI or Mobile Internet Package) to use this application.
  • What do I need to start using MOOV?

    You need an mPOS card reader, a supported mobile device (smart device) and internet connection on your mobile device.
  • Will I be able to give a receipt to my customer?

    • You can send your customer an e-receipt via email or SMS (or both).
    • The receipts can be resent from both Merchant Portal and Mobile Application

  • Will I have to bear the cost of sending the e-receipt via email or SMS?

No, the email/SMS e-receipt will be sent by SBM and not directly from the merchant's mobile device

  • How long does the whole sign-process take?

The whole process takes at least 4 working days. SBM will contact you for the delivery of the card reader.

  • What if my application is rejected by SBM?

If your application is rejected by SBM, you may contact the Bank for further details or appeal.

  • Is there any upfront cost I need to pay? How much does the card reader cost?

No, there is no upfront or setup cost. The service is based on a monthly subscription or a Merchant Service Commission (MSC) only. The card reader is provided freely as part of the monthly subscription fee.

  • Can I apply for a lower transaction fee?

Appeals for lower transaction fee can be made, once you are already an approved merchant. SBM will consider the appeal based on actual transaction volume.

  • How will my proceeds be deposited?

For all settled transactions, your proceeds will be deposited into your Bank account; the next business day for an SBM account and at least 2 working days for a non-SBM account.

  • Where can I view the settlement records?

Settlement records can be viewed on the MOOV Merchant Portal. You will be given an account and login credentials once you are approved as a merchant.

  • What smart devices can I use with MOOV card reader?

    • You can use it on most iOS and Android devices that support Bluetooth
    • Blackberry and Windows devices are not supported at the moment

  • Can the MOOV mobile app be downloaded freely?

Yes, the app is free of charge.

  • Can I use the MOOV card reader on more than one device?

Yes, you can use your MOOV card reader on any compatible mobile devices. Just download the app and sign in with valid user credentials.

  • Can I use mPOS on a Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, you can use mPOS on a Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection.

  • How long will one transaction take on mPOS?

The actual speed will depend on the speed of your internet connection and smart device as well.

  • What types of cards can mPOS accept?

    • Any credit/debit/prepaid cards bearing the Visa, MasterCard and UPI logos, chip and/or magnetic stripe-and-sign based
    • Contactless transactions will be a reality in our next development.

  • Are foreign cards accepted?

Yes, provided they are chip and/or magnetic stripe-and-sign based and issued under Visa, MasterCard and UPI.

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HOTLINE : 207 0111 / 202 1500 [FROM 08:00 TO 18:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY]

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