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 Visa Business - Adds an air of legitimacy
  • Adds an air of legitimacy

Owning a business credit card will bring a level of respect to your company. Whether you are taking a client out on a business related outing, or just making a general purchase, paying with a business card shows people that your company is a legitimate business. In order to get a business credit card, the company must be well established, and this shows that your company has a level of respect associated with it.

  • Security

Our Chip-enabled cards provide you with the highest level of card payment security available. Furthermore, you can use our eSecure platform to safely effect purchases via the internet. SBM eSecure adds a new level of security to SBM Visa & MasterCard Cardholders who shop online.

  • Extra protection

Business credit cards offer higher levels of protection for their users to help reduce the risk of problems that may arise. Some of the protection features available to users are traveler’s insurance, lost luggage insurance, emergency transport assistance amongst others.

  • Higher spending limits

Business cards offer a higher spending limit than a standard credit card. This allows companies to make larger purchases and gives business owners more room to carry a balance on the card.

  • Employee and company spending limits

It helps control expenditure. Businesses are able to set spending limits for the entire company, as well as for each individual employee. This is a great way to help you and your employees stay within a set budget. This allows business cardholders to control the companies spending habits.

  • Eliminate needs for cash and cheques

It reduces administration, makes cost savings and provides extra cash flow flexibility. A major advantage of owning a business credit card is that it eliminates the need for cash and cheques, especially, in situations such as business related travel. Businesses no longer have to give their employees cash advances. Instead, they can use business cards for their expenses, and all of their spending becomes far easier to track.

  • Builds a positive credit history

Just like in your personal life, it is a necessity to build good credit for your business to ensure its future growth. Through the proper use of a business card you will establish a good credit history. This will help your business as you move forward.

  • Manage your card account online

In addition to your monthly bank statements that are mailed to you, you can also access SBM Net (Internet Banking) and manage your account online and effect payments, thus dedicate more time for your customers and business.

  • Interest free period & repayment options.

You can choose from different repayment options, with a minimum of 5% to align to your company cash flow requirements .You can also enjoy from a range of 15 days up to a maximum of 45 days interest free period on retail purchases if you choose to pay 100% of your balance due.

  • Benefit from Visa Business offers worldwide

Take advantage of many specially selected discounts and offers, when you pay with your Visa Business Credit Card. This suite of exclusive offers has been selected with the needs of your business in mind and may translate into considerable savings. Offers range from business travel and service solutions, to IT and telecommunications.

Visit  www.visa.com/visabusinessoffers for further details.

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