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 Safe Deposit Box

A safe deposit box is an individually-secured container, usually held within a larger bank safe or bank vault. Safe deposit boxes are used to store valuable possessions, such as jewelleries, gemstones, precious metals, marketable securities, important documents such as wills, property deeds, passports or computer data storage that need protection from theft, fire, flood, tampering or other reasons.

In the typical arrangement, a customer pays the bank a fee for the rent and use of the safe deposit box, which can be opened only with production of an assigned key plus the bank’s own guard key after the proper identification and signature of the person authorised to have access to the box.

  • Convenience
    • Safe deposit boxes are a convenient place to store important items that would be difficult or impossible to replace.
    • Safe deposit boxes can also be held in the name of more than one person for convenience in the absence of either person.
  • Safety
    • A safe deposit box also offers privacy and security. Although many people like to keep valuables close by in a closet, safe or file cabinet at home or in the office, these places probably are not as resistant to fire, water or theft.
  • Accessibility
    • Safe deposit boxes are available at the following locations in four sizes.
Port Louis
Rose Hill
Quatre Bornes
Royal Street
Grand Bay

For more information call us on 207 0111.

  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Secure & private
  • Accessible
 Eligibility Criteria
  • This service is available to SBM Customers (account holders) only and at the Bank’s sole discretion.
  • Customers will be refused access to the safe deposit box in case the annual rental fee is in arrears.
  • Minors cannot be a co-renter of a safe deposit box.
 Documents Required

The normal KYC documents will be required at the time of application for renting a safe deposit box, namely:

  • Identity Cards/Passport of the renter and co-renters where applicable.
  • A recent proof of address for all parties
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