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 SBM e-Statement

Small steps have a bigger impact than you think.
Contribute to save our environment by registering to e-statement.

Practical ways to register and receive your statements by email:

  • Fill in the form, scan or take a clear photo of your completed form, document size not exceeding 1 MB, and email it to estatement@sbmgroup.mu
  • Or fill in the form and drop it at any SBM branch
  • Or register through SBM website
  • The e-Statement service delivers your periodic bank statement as a password protected PDF attachment to your registered e-mail address.
  • SBM e-Statements contain the same information as the paper bank statements that you would otherwise receive from us by mail.
  • The PDF files you receive are protected with a 10-character password for enhanced security.
  • You can request for re-issuance of paper statement without fee, please contact your nearest SBM branch to raise your request.
  • Secure
    • SBM e-Statements delivered to your registered email address are password protected. In addition, the e-Statement will be accessible only after accessing the password protected e-mail account, which therefore results in a two layer protection mechanism.

  • Convenient
    • View, save and print your e-Statements at your convenience from anywhere simply by accessing your e-mail account.

  • Fast
    • You will receive e-Statement several days earlier than paper statements delivered by postal service.

  • Free
    • SBM e-Statements are delivered to your registered email address at no additional charges.
  • What is the SBM e-Statement?
    • SBM e-Statement is an electronic statement that replace your periodic paper statement and which will be delivered as an attachment to your e-mail address. The e-Statement will be in PDF format and password protected.
  • How long will it take to receive my statement after being generated by the bank?
    • As compared to the paper statement, instead of waiting for several days for delivery at your mailing address, which is done by postal service, the bank will send your password protected e-Statement to your email address within one working day after same has been generated on the bank’s system.

  • Will I continue to get paper statements by post once I enroll for the SBM e-Statement service?
    • No, your paper statements will no longer be sent to your mailing address. You will instead receive the password protected e-Statement as an attachment on your e-mail address as specified on the enrolment agreement.

      However, if at any point in time you wish to receive a printed copy of your periodic statement, kindly send your request to any SBM branch. No charge will be applicable for such request, provided customer is enrolled for the e-Statement service.

  • What accounts are eligible for e-Statements?
    • Currently, your current and savings account statements are eligible for the service.

  • Can I set some of my accounts for e-Statements and keep some paper statements?
    • No, delivery method for different accounts cannot be split into two. The option customer has is either e-Statement or paper statement, but not both.

  • How will I know my e-Statement is ready?
    • As soon as the e-Statement is ready on the bank’s system, the bank will send it within 1 working day on the email address you specified upon enrollment for the service.

  • Will my e-Statements have the same information as my paper statement?
    • Yes, the e-Statement will be exactly the same as the paper statement. In addition, the bank may also attach promotional materials, as may be decided by the bank.

  • How do I save my e-Statements to my computer or disk?
    • After you have accessed your e-Statement from your email, Select "File" from the top menu bars and then "Save As" and choose the directory where you want to keep your statements on your PC. You can rename the filename for easy access later.

  • Can I go back to paper statements if I change my mind?
    • Yes. You can either send a written request or send a secure email via our Internet Banking Service to inform us that you wish to revert back to paper statement.

  • Is my information secure with e-Statements?
    • We have taken every possible measure to ensure the highest level of security. Your e-Statements are only accessible through access to your password protected e-mail account and the PDF attachments are password protected with your Customer ID.

      We strongly suggest that you protect your password and do not share it. We also strongly encourage you to have your e-mail account password protected and change your e-mail password regularly.

  • What if I cannot access my e-Statements or have any further query regarding the service?
    • Feel free to contact our Customer Service Centre on 207 0111 and one of our agents will be more than pleased to help you.

  • What if my email address changes?
    • As per terms and conditions governing the SBM e-Statements service, you are responsible for notifying us of any change in your email address by sending us a duly signed letter.

  • Do I need to be registered to SBM Internet Banking to access the e-Statement?
    • No. SBM e-Statements are issued directly to the email address of the client. The client does not have to log on the SBM internet banking platform to view the statement.

  • What is the cost for the e-Statement?
    • The e-Statement is a FREE service.
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