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SBM Point of Sale (POS) Acquiring Services
Our POS Services provide merchants with secure and reliable transaction processing to authorize, settle, and manage card payments through POS terminals. SBM Group's POS Services has become a critical component for Merchants that want to accept cards as payment for goods and services. The benefits for merchants to accept Cards can be highlighted as follows:
  • Funds credited automatically at bank
  • Convenient mode of payment for your customers
  • Faster operations at till points
  • Mitigate risk of errors during cash handling
  • Less operational risks as less cash in hand
  • Streamlining of operations with less cash management operations
  • Less cash management with less cash insurance
  • Easy reconciliation with regular statement report provided by the bank
  • As a better alternative rather than accepting cheques
Our POS services can be characterized as follows:

1. Greater Convenience

  • Ease of Use: The POS screen is interactive and user friendly.

  • Canceling of transactions: In case of mistakes, credit card transactions can be cancelled on the POS itself.

  • Rapid Processing Time: On line Transactions are processed within 10 seconds.

  • Multi Currency: SBM POS allows transactions to be processed in several currencies. The most popular ones are; EURO, USD and POUND STERLING.

  • Connectivity: SBM proposes both dial up and GPRS terminals for merchants’ better convenience. For GPRS terminals connectivity fees are undertaken by the SBM.

2. Merchant Crediting

Card Sales proceeds are credited to corporate accounts the next working day with SBM or two working days with any other bank in Mauritius.

3. Customer Service Dedicated Team

Customer Service for merchants includes the following:

  • 24 hour customer service that runs 7 days a week irrespective of week days / week ends / public holidays, etc, to provide merchants with assistance by a team of specialists.

  • We provide a Rapid pre-authorization 24/7 service desk. Our staff will liaise with other issuing banks in the market to ensure your transaction is authorized.

  • Intervention on site is provided with minimum delay to merchants and attended to by a team of technicians

  • Constant personal contact is maintained with the merchant by a Point Of Sales Officer that shall be responsible to cater for the needs and requests of the merchants and a hot line is available on a 24-hour basis for assistance.

4. Security Features

SBM POS is the only one in Mauritius accepting Chip Processing transactions and the terminals are equipped with a blacklisted memory that is updated everyday to quickly identify fraudulent transactions.

5. Risk Management

We have a Proactive Risk Management system for identification of potential fraud coupled with 24/7 merchant hotline and a dedicated Chargeback and Fraud team that provide merchants with prompt information for Risk Management and Control.

6. Partnership on SBM’s Card Discount Programme

We offer you the possibility to partner in our Card’s Discount programme to benefit your company in the following ways:

(a) Sales turnover

An opportunity to increase your sales turnover. Henceforth, positively impacting your bottom line.

(b) Wider customer reach / marketing

Through this partnership your company product and services will be communicated to a wide audience through various channels: website, direct marketing, brochures, posters and other collaterals.

(c) Consolidation of our relationship

The cards programme will consolidate our relationship. It will be a Win-Win situation for all three parties involved (bank, merchants, customers).

Should you want to tap this opportunity, please do not hesitate to email us at
SBM Point of Sale (POS) Acquiring Services | SBM

HOTLINE : 207 0111 / 202 1500 [FROM 08:00 TO 18:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY]

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